Business Advisory Services

Wherever you are in the business life cycle 145 financial can help you optimise the value of your business.


Business Startups

We can provide you great practical advice in setting up a new business venture.

Business Structures

Providing the best advice in choosing the right structure for you to plan, start or grow your business.

Asset Protection

Ensuring your personal assets are protected from the risk of running a business.

Business Plans

We can assist you in developing a plan to allow you to focus on your business goals and achieve greater productivity.


Whether buying or selling a business our team can provide you with the best advice in what a business is worth.

Efficiency and productivity improvement

Provide regular reporting to help your identity opportunities and increase productivity at any stage of your business life cycle.

Succession Planning

When the time comes to wind down let us assist you in providing planning for your business succession and preparing your business for sale.

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